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McCall Fire is a combination department consisting of both career and paid-on-call members. We staff our station to respond to emergencies and offer advanced medical life support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our staffing consists of three shifts rotating 48 hours on shift and 96 hours off shift. Each shift consists of 4 person crews including a Captain, Driver Operation, Firefighter/Paramedic and Firefighter/EMT with a minimum manning of 3 crew members. All crew members are crossed trained to respond to all emergencies whether it be fire, medical or technical rescue emergencies. 

We respond to over 800 calls annually within our community and offer mutual aid to neighboring counties. We provide multiple levels of response from structure and wildland fires, hazardous materials, swiftwater, lake rescue, motor vehicle accidents, emergency medical incidents, lost and injured hikers, boaters, skiers and much more. 

Flame - Structure fire - Firefighters
Structutre Fire Response
May contain: person, helmet, accessories, bag, handbag, lamp, and stretcher
Emergency Medical Services with Advanced Life Support
May contain: clothing, glove, footwear, shoe, person, adult, male, man, helmet, accessories, glasses, machine, and wheel
Motor Vehicle Accidents 
May contain: helmet, car, car wash, transportation, vehicle, person, worker, plant, tree, truck, machine, wheel, clothing, footwear, and shoe
Vehicle Fires
May contain: person, transportation, truck, vehicle, accessories, glasses, clothing, footwear, and shoe
Wild Land Response
May contain: clothing, glove, adult, male, man, person, accessories, bag, handbag, hat, and glasses
Aircraft rescue and firefighting
May contain: adult, male, man, person, clothing, glove, costume, people, car, transportation, vehicle, machine, and wheel
Hazardous Materials
May contain: helmet, person, wristwatch, adult, male, man, accessories, glasses, officer, police officer, clothing, footwear, shoe, hat, face, and head
Tactical Emergency Critical Care

                                                      Rescue Operations

May contain: plant, vegetation, adventure, hiking, leisure activities, nature, outdoors, person, land, tree, woodland, path, walking, clothing, footwear, shoe, hat, adult, male, man, bag, grove, wilderness, trail, glove, and jungle
May contain: plant, tree, fir, vegetation, conifer, land, nature, outdoors, woodland, and grove
May contain: clothing, vest, lifejacket, hardhat, helmet, adult, male, man, person, and rescue
May contain: nature, outdoors, scenery, person, clothing, hat, helmet, cap, and ice


May contain: water, waterfront, port, pier, boat, transportation, vehicle, clothing, footwear, sandal, watercraft, person, and shoe
May contain: clothing, glove, outdoors, nature, hat, person, piste, snow, sport, footwear, and shoe
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