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McCall Fire Protection District Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes for January 9, 2013

201 Deinhard Lane, McCall, ID
7:00 am, January 9, 2013
Present: Commissioner Binder, Commissioner Kirk and Commissioner Noah, Chief Billmire, Assistant Chief de Jong, Captain VanMiddendorp, Captain Olson, Captain Martin, Firefighter Bean, Jason Clay, and Administrative Assistant Pat Dumont.
Commission Chair Tom Binder called the meeting to order at 07:00.
Commissioner Kirk introduced Bob Hill as his alternate Commissioner.
Motion: Commissioner Binder moved to approve minutes from the December 12, 2012 meeting.
Motion carried.
Chief Billmire read the financial report.
Motion: Commissioner Binder moved to accept the financial report and approve payment of all bills. Second
Motion carried.
Assistant Chief de Jong gave an update on the mitigation and planning project with Cabin Creek in the Bear Basin area.
Assistant Chief de Jong reported that he received a proposal from SPF Water out of Boise indicating what needs to be completed for the Water Supply Certification Program
Monthly Report: Chief Billmire reviewed the Monthly Report.
EMS: Captain Martin reported that the ambulance has been busy with ground transports to Boise.  The EMT class is coming to an end.
Prevention/Inspections: Assistant Chief de Jong reported that he just recertified as an Idaho State Fire Code Official and that Chief Billmire and Captain Olson are going to attend a certification class.
Training: Chief Billmire reported that the department is implementing a new training schedule. 
Volunteers: Jason Clay indicated the volunteers are fine.
Apparatus/Equipment: Assistant Chief de Jong reported that Dusty was working on Truck 11.  Riggins has shown an interest in our AARF Truck.  We will pursue that in the spring.  Chief Billmire will apply for Assistance to Firefighters Grant again this year for new SCBA’s.
Administration: Pat stated that the auditors will be here to review the audit next month.
Chief Billmire and Assistant Chief de Jong attended a meeting with the County Commissioners to discuss the EMS shortfall.
Chief Billmire stated that EMS consolidation is not being discussed at this time.
There being no further business,
Motion: Commissioner Noah moved to adjourn. Second
Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 0752.
Thomas Binder, Chair
Robert Kirk, Secretary

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