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McCall Fire Protection District Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes for August 8, 2012

August  8, 2012
The McCall Fire Protection District Commissioner’s meeting was called to order at 0700 by Commissioner Binder at the fire station, 201 Deinhard Lane, McCall. Commissioner Kirk and Commissioner Noah were present, Chief Billmire, Assistant Chief de Jong, Captain Swain, Captain Olson, Captain Caple, Firefighter Becker, Jason Clay, Jeff Mike Gurney and Pat Dumont were also present.
The minutes of the July 11, 2012 meeting were approved without any changes or additions after some discussion.
The financial report was read as follows:
Checking Account
Idaho First Bank
State Treasurers Investment Pool
State Treasurers Investment Pool-Bond
Assistant Chief de Jong informed the Commissioners that the Hazard Planning is almost done. He showed the Commissioners the tablets we received to be able to use this information while we are out in the field. We received 5 tablets, one is for Medic 51, one for Medic 52, one is for the new ladder truck, one is for Command One and one is for the station. We will be able to load programs that are pertinent to our needs. We also received GPS’s for our rigs as part of this program.
Chief Billmire updated the Commissioners on the Policy Manual. He stated that he had sent out an email to everyone with an electronic copy of the Policy Manual. He would like the Commissioners to review this manual and make comments or corrections by the next meeting.
Assistant Chief deJong reported that the Paramedic service is going well. He also informed the Commissioners that we had applied through a grant for a new ambulance and a monitor. We did not get the ambulance, but we did get $15,000 toward a new monitor. Chief Billmire informed the Commissioners that he and Captain Wheeler had met with Dr. Curtain regarding countywide ambulance service. This is something that would benefit all of Valley County.
Assistant Chief de Jong reported on prevention/inspection. He stated that he ran a report on burn permits for the month of June 2011, which was 83 and this year we issued 45. So the debris program was successful. We received a donation bill from Tony Meckel in the amount of $2,500. Commissioner Binder informed us that we are going to stage 1 fire restrictions as of 12:01 Monday morning. This means only campfires in designated camp sites with 10’ of noncombustible material around it. Assistant Chief de Jong informed the Commissioners that we are still working making some of our dry hydrants into listed water supplies for ISO requirements. Chief Billmire stated that he has asked the Captains to look into outfitting the new ladder truck.
Chief Billmire stated that training is going well. Drills have been good, but the attendance has been down a little which always happens in the summer months. Commissioner Binder asked about the Fire Fighter One Class. The classroom portion has been completed, but testing has been postponed twice by the state. We will schedule it for Fall.
Jason stated that there is nothing new with the volunteers.
Captain Swain informed the Commissioners that we have had some lookers at the ladder truck, but nothing serious yet. He has a couple other fire departments that are going to look at it and hopes to sell it within the next couple of weeks
Pat stated that she had nothing new with administration. Chief Billmire handed out a Monthly Report that he put together with a lot stuff, stats and pictures from the prior month. He plans on doing this on a monthly basis. This was very well received.
Commissioner Kirk asked if anything had been done regarding a pump on the fire boat. Jeremy is putting together a proposal for that and some other things that are needed for the boat
Mike Gurney gave the Commissioners a presentation on VSIF insurance for building, apparatus and contents.
Chief Billmire and the Commissioners discussed the proposed budget for FY 2012/2013. This budget includes a 3% increase, new construction and forgone. Commissioner Noah suggested that she would like to see not only last year’s budget compared to this year’s, she would also like to see actual year to date expenses. Our Budget meeting will be held on Tuesday August 28, 2012 at 7:00 am.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 0826.
Thomas Binder, President
Robert Kirk, Secretary

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