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McCall Fire Protection District Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes for October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012
The McCall Fire Protection District Commissioner’s meeting was called to order at 0700 by Commissioner Binder at the fire station, 201 Deinhard Lane, McCall.  Commissioner Kirk and Commissioner Noah were present, Assistant Chief deJong, Captain Wheeler, and Pat Dumont were also present.
The minutes of the September   12, 2012 meeting were approved without any changes or additions after some discussion on the clarification of the Cabin Creek Project.
The financial report was read.
It was moved and seconded to pay all the bills listed on the agenda.
Assistant Chief deJong informed the Commissioners about a mitigation project that is grant funded at the Meadow Bear subdivision.
Assistant Chief deJong and the Commissioners discussed the Policy Manual updates.  After some discussion the Commissioners decided they needed another month to review the updates.  This will be discussed again at the next meeting.
Assistant Chief deJong informed the Commissioners that he and Captain Wheeler had a meeting with Dr. Curtain regarding one EMS Director for the County.  Dr. Curtin had met with the other two Medical Directors and they agreed that there needs to be one set of protocols for the County.  Captain Wheeler was asked about Paramedic level service and he stated that it has proven to be asset in the field.
Assistant Chief deJong reported that he and the Chief have been able to break up administrative duties, which will allow him to have more time to focus on prevention and inspections.  He plans on doing commercial inspections annually. 
Assistant Chief deJong informed the Commissioners that we are working on our Basic EMT class that will be starting in November.  Idaho Power did a training presentation for a drill last month.
 Commissioner Kirk asked about the probationary period for the new recruits.  Assistant Chief deJong stated that in the updated policy manual the process is to have a interview panel consisting of administration, full time staff and volunteers.  The final decision comes from the Chief.
Assistant Chief deJong reported on the vehicles.  Truck 11 is close to being done.  We will put new tires on 52 soon.
Assistant Chief deJong went over the new Monthly Report for September 2012 the Chief put together.
Assistant Chief deJong informed the Commissioners that Riggins EMS sent us an MOU for paramedic rendezvous, after discussing a few things that need to be addressed and changed, the Commissioners agreed this is needed and will sign it at the next meeting.
Assistant Chief deJong discussed the need to hire a few paramedics as part-time employees, he would like to have about four more.  These paramedics would work a shift a month to help cover vacations and time off.  The Commissioners agreed this was a good idea and asked Garrett to pursue it.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 0822.
Thomas Binder, President
Robert Kirk, Secretary

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