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McCall Fire Protection District Board of Commissioners Meeting minutes for March 13, 2013

201 Deinhard Land, McCall, ID
7:00 a.m. March 13, 2013
Present: Commissioner Binder, Commissioner Hill, Commissioner Noah, Chief Billmire, Assistant Chief
de Jong, Captain Swain, Nick Caple, Jason Clay, Jonas Bean, and Pat Dumont
Commissioner Chair Tom Binder called the meeting to order at 07:00.
Motion: Commissioner Noah moved to approve minutes from the February 13, 2013 meeting.
Motion carried.
Chief Billmire read the financial report.
Motion: Commissioner Binder moved to accept the financial report and approve payment of all bills.
Motion carried.
Chief Billmire gave an update on the Hazard Mitigation plan.
Assistant Chief de Jong gave an update on the Water Supply Certifications for Idaho Survey and Rating
MONTHLY REPORT: Chief Billmire reviewed the Monthly Report.
EMS: Assistant Chief de Jong reported that the Annual License Renewal will be this Friday March 15 th.
PREVENTION/INSPECTION: Assistant Chief de Jong reported there is very little going on with
prevention/inspection; a few remodels and no new structures.
TRAINING: Chief Billmire indicated it has been a busy month for training with the majority involving
EMT transition. Nick updated the Commissioners on the CPR outreach program for the community,
which has been very successful.
VOLUNTEERS: Jason Clay reported that the volunteers are getting used to the new drill schedule.
APPARATUS/EQUIPMENT: Chief Billmire reported that all vehicles and equipment are in good order and
we are working on getting rid of the AARF Truck.
ADMINISTRATION: Pat informed the Commissioners that they need to appoint either Commissioner
Noah or Commissioner Hill as the new Secretary
Motion: Commissioner Binder made a motion to appoint Commissioner Noah as Secretary of the Board.
Motion Carried
Pat also had new signature cards for the Commissioners.
Chief Billmire stated he received a contract from the Department of Lands for EMS services during the
wild land Fire season.
Chief Billmire stated that we received a letter from Secesh Fire asking for equipment donations.
Chief Billmire discussed the proposed Strategic Plan with the Commissioners.
Chief Billmire informed the Commissioners that the annual physicals for all full time personal have
started at the Emergency Response Center in Boise.
Chief Billmire stated he is still pursuing getting payment for backcountry rescues.
Chief Billmire has met with the new Union President Jonas Bean about having their new agreement prior
to our budget meeting in August this year. Jonas stated that it should be done by June 1 st.
Assistant Chief de Jong discussed the Brundage Mountain Agreement with the Commissioners.
Motion: Commissioner Noah made a motion to accept and sign the Brundage Mountain Agreement
Motion carried
Commissioner Binder mentioned the meeting on March 21st regarding the Brundage Mountain Repeater
Assistant Chief de Jong updated the Commissioners on communication in Valley County.
Motion: Commissioner Binder moved to adjourn
Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 08:01
Thomas Binder, President
Sadie Noah, Secretary

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