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McCall Fire Protection District Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes for December 12, 2012

201 Deinhard Lane, McCall, ID
7:00am, December 12, 2012
Present: Commissioner Binder, Commissioner Kirk and Commissioner Noah, Chief Billmire, Assistant Chief de Jong, Captain Swain, Captain Olson, Jason Clay, and Administrative Assistant Pat Dumont.
Commission Chair Tom Binder called the meeting to order at 07:00.
Motion: Commissioner Binder moved to approve minutes from the October 12, 2012 and November 14, 2012 meetings. Second
Motion carried.
Chief Billmire read the financial report.
Motion: Commissioner Binder moved to accept the financial report and approve payment of all bills. Second
Motion carried.
Assistant Chief de Jong gave an update on the mitigation and planning project with Cabin Creek in the Bear Basin area.
Assistant Chief de Jong reported that he is still working on the Water Supply Certification project.
Monthly Report: Chief Billmire reviewed the Monthly Report.
EMS: Chief Billmire reported that the Riggins MOU was signed by Dr. Curtin and sent back to Riggins. MFPD has received bids to purchase a new defibrillator with EMS grant money.
Prevention/Inspections: Assistant Chief de Jong reported that he is still working on a plan for next year regarding commercial building annual inspections and will present more next month.
Training: Chief Billmire reported that the EMT Basic class is almost half over.
Volunteers: Jason Clay indicated the volunteers are fine.
Apparatus/Equipment: Assistant Chief de Jong reported that Hughes Fire Equipment has completed some additional upgrades on Truck 11, each shift will receive training on Truck 11; the Snowmobiles are ready to go and the boats were winterized and put away for the winter.
Administration: Pat indicated the auditors will be here today. 
Chief’s Report: Chief Billmire reported that he is working on a Strategic Plan and that MFPD did not receive the Assistance to Firefighters Grant for new SCBA’s. We will re-apply next year. Commissioners Binder and Noah are both up for reelection in 2013. Chief Billmire reported that he and Firefighter Bean attended a PFFI meeting in Boise.
Commissioner Binder indicated SITPA has a couple of fire trucks for sale and would like MFPD to look at them. Commissioner Binder indicated that he attended an OSHA meeting and learned that all MFPD fire extinguishers should be inspected monthly.
Motion: Commissioner Noah moved to go into executive session. Second
Motion carried.
Commissioner Binder called the public meeting back to order at 0819.
Commissioner Binder indicated that Chief Billmire has fulfilled his probationary period.
There being no further business,
Motion: Commissioner Noah moved to adjourn. Second
Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 0820.
Thomas Binder, Chair
Robert Kirk, Secretary

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